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Cord Cutter's Diary

An experiment in living without a cable TV subscription, by @zseward
Jun 26 '12

Aereo isn’t in a hurry to charge

Aereo, the service I’m using for network TV over the internet, costs $12 a month — in theory, at least. When I signed up in May, the company was vague about the length of my free trial period but at some point specified that it would last a month. Later, Aereo offered to tack on another free month if I filled out a survey, which I did, but customer service seemed blasé about it when I emailed them to claim my spoils. More recently, a friend who signed up for Aereo was told he would receive a “90-day free trial.” One month, two months, three months, and now Aereo is offering four free months in a Facebook ad campaign.

It seems pretty clear that Aereo is in no rush to start charging anyone for its service, especially while it awaits word on a temporary injunction sought by the TV networks. I wish the company were a little less coy about its “free trial period,” but I can hardly object to more time with recordable, ubiquitous network TV at no cost.

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