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Cord Cutter's Diary

An experiment in living without a cable TV subscription, by @zseward
Sep 21 '12
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Sep 17 '12
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Sep 6 '12
Aug 31 '12

Deciding on my network TV solution

Aereo, the service I use for free network TV over the Web, just sent me an email with good and bad news:

  • "In the next several weeks, we’ll be rolling out support for PC’s."
  • "Remember, your free trial ends in one week."

Aereo has been deliberately vague about the length of my free trial, so the word “remember” is, well, bullshit, but I guess it’s about time that I paid for it. But the company recently changed its pricing structure, so I have a choice.

I was signed up for the $12/month plan but definitely don’t need 40 hours of DVR space. (When I use Aereo, it’s almost always to watch live programming.) And the other options — $8/month or $80/year — are similar in assuming that I use Aereo regularly.

The reality is that I only use it when I really need access to something that’s airing live on network TV like the Olympics or the conventions. When Ann Curry gave her tearful goodbye on Today, it was great to be able to flip on my TV and watch, but I don’t need to watch that show every morning. Which is why I’m choosing Aereo’s most interesting pricing option: pay $1/day only on days when you want to watch. I think that will come to about three or four days a month, but if it’s more frequent, I should consider the other plans.

So after a long trial period and considering some other options, that’s how I’m solving my need for network TV. Not bad.

On another note, Aereo could really use some help in the marketing department. All of their communication, from customer emails to tweets, is so restrained and devoid of personality. For instance, here’s a very typical tweet they sent after the Olympics ended:

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Aug 15 '12
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